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Welcome to Mr Voigt's Afrikaans Improvement Programme. This programme is completely free to be used by anyone.

Download the "Introduction MP3" by clicking on the button above. It contains detailed instructions about how this programme works.

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About Me

  • NameMr W. Voigt
  • Emailvoigt@mrvaip.com
  • Websitewww.mrvaip.com

Hello. I am Mr Voigt. I teach Afrikaans at a High School. This programme is designed for students who study Afrikaans as a First Additional Language. It is completely free for anyone to use.


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About A.I.P

This is how the programme works:

The programme is divided into "Courses". There are "Booklets" containing various passages and "Audio Files" that contain a recording of each of these passages being read. The booklets are in PDF format and the audio files are in MP3 format. All these files can be downloaded straight to your device. As the programme continues to develope, more booklets and audio files will be added. Please download the "Introduction MP3" from the "Home" page first. It contains detailed instructions about how this programme works.

Course 1

This is the first course in the programme. It contains 9 different passages which include short stories and articles. Please download the Booklet first and print it out on paper. Thereafter you can download and listen to the Audio Files.


Once you have completed a course, please take the relevant assessment by clicking on the button below. It will test your vocabulary knowledge. Only take the test once you are sure that you know the words well enough to not look back in your book. Once you have clicked on the button you will be redirected. On the new page, type in your Name and Surname and then click on the "Continue" button. After answering all the questions click on the "Submit" button. Your assessment will be marked and you will immediately receive your results.

Course 1

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